Tel 01384 400777
Tel : 07973 148333

Useful information


Emergency Numbers
Ambulance: 199,112
Fire Service: 199,112
Police: 199,112


Nicosia General Hospital: 22603000
Limassol General Hospital: 25801100 / 25305770
Larnaca General Hospital: 24800500 / 24800369
Paphos General Hospital: 26803260 / 26803100
Paralimni Hospital: 26321431
Kyperounta Hospital: 25532021

Direction from Villa in Pissouri
The Nearest Hospital is Paphos General Hospital located 20km away. From Secret Valley turn left onto the motorway and travel West. Upon reaching the end of the motorway you will reach an island that will sign post the hospital.

Direction from Villa in Secret Valley

The Nearest Hospital is Paphos General Hospital located 30km away. From Pissouri turn left onto the motorway and travel West. Upon reaching the end of the motorway you will reach an island that will sign post the hospital.

Directory Enquiries
Telephone: 118 18

British Embassy

Alexandrou Palli
P.O.Box 21978, 1587 Lefkosia
Tel: +35722861100

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-14.30

Lost Credit Cards
For lost credit cards in Cyprus call JCC Payment systems ltd on +35722868100. Please also contact your bank either in Cyprus or in your home country.

Food Shopping
Villa in Secret Valley
The nearest shop to buy essentials from in located 2 miles West of Secret Valley in the village of Kouklia. Pissiouri contains the nearest large supermarket

Villa in Pissouri
The nearest shop to buy essentials from in located within the village where you can find a supermarket in the village square. At the foot of pissouri there is a large supermarket, ideal for doing a weeks shopping.

E1 11 Forms

If you are a UK resident you are entitled to any medical treatment that becomes necessary, free or at a reduced cost, when temporarily visiting a EU country. Only treatment provided under the state scheme is covered. However to obtain treatment you will need to take with you a completed E1 11 form.

Banking Hours

Monday-Friday 8.15-13.00
Monday 15.15-16.45

October to April
Monday-Friday 8.30-13.00
Monday 15.15-16.45

Monday-Friday 8.15-13.00

Public Holidays

January 1: New Years Day
January 6: Epiphany Day
Variable: Green Monday
March 25: Greek National Day
April 1: Greek Cypriot Day
Variable: Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church)
Variable: Easter Monday (GOC)
May 1: Labour Day
Variable: Pentecost-Kataklysmos
August 15: Assumption
October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
October 28: Greek National Day
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas day
December 26: Boxing Day

Villa Addresses
Ha Potamic C Panoraama Villas
No: 25 Plot 403 V2
Secret Valley, Kouklia,
8510, Paphos

No: 37
Pine Bay Villas
4607, Pissouri

Contact in Cyprus
Destination Cyprus (Cyprus Agent)
Office: 00 357 96 892 277
Louise Mobile: 00 357 96 892 277

Contact in UK

Richard Brooks
Telephone: 07973148333
Office: 00 44 1384 400 777


Before using the pool we ask all guests to read and understand our pool rules in the
interest of safety. The pool is cleaned twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday.

Air Conditioning Units
Air Conditioning within the villa work on a timer and can be set for 30 minutes,
1 hours and 2 hours. The boost function is also useful when the heat gets too much!

Ceiling Fans
Fans are operated using the remote control

Fan Light
Works off main switch and remote.
(If fans or Lights are not needed please switch them off at the wall.)

Are maintained and work is carried out every 2 weeks.

Drinking Water
Tap water is fine to drink, please use the middle tap in the kitchen.

All rubbish is to be placed in bin bags. The nearest waste bin for collection is across
the road to the left hand side.

Please do not place any toilet paper or any other sanitary goods in the toilets. Bins are provided next to the toilets. Any tissues that are flushed can cause blockage to the water treatment plant.

Pool Light
This has been set to come on and go off automatically

If you use the BBQ please clean it before you leave ready for the next guests.

Internet WiFi
To access the Internet in the villa you must first purchase an ‘air time’ voucher. This can be bought from numerous shops and kiosks in the area. The nearest place to purchase a voucher is the kiosk opposite the supermarket at the foot of Pissouri hill.

English speaking TV channels
Ch 20- MBC MAX
Ch 19- MBC Action
Ch 18- MBC 3
Ch 17- MBC 2
Ch 16- MBC 4
Ch 6- BBC World

Vacating the property
Please can you make sure of the following before you vacate:

  • All plates and crockery are washed up and put away.
  • All heaters and air conditioning are turned off.
  • All doors and windows are locked.
  • All appliances are turned off
  • The BBQ is clean
  • We normally request guests to vacate the property by 10.30am to enable cleaner’s access to prepare the villa for the next guests.
  • Our agent will confirm all vacation times with you during your stay.

Driving in Cyprus
With Cyprus moving into the EU, European/UK driving licenses are now officially recognized. Below, are a few pointers to ensure your safety.
  • Traffic moves on the left hand-side of the road as in the UK.
  • Distances and speed limits are posted in Kilometers per hour NOT miles per hour.
  • The maximum speed limit on the motorway in 100km/h. On all other roads the general speed limit is 80km/h.
  • Seatbelts are compulsory.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol over the advised limit is illegal.
  • It is an offense to use a mobile telephone whilst driving.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a traffic accident in Cyprus you must call the Police immediately. Emergency Tel No: 112.

Please click here to see a useful millage chart showing distances between main towns.

Useful Greek Phrases

Although it is easy for Expats to relocate in Cyprus and not speak a single word of Greek it may be a useful idea to learn a few phrases as the locals
really do appreciate the effort made to speak their own language!

Good morning
Kalimera - kah-lee-MEHR-rah

Good afternoon / evening
Kalispera - kah-lees-PEH-rah

Good night
Kalinikta - kah-lee-NEEK-tah

kherete - KHE-reh-tay

Yassou - YAH-sue

How are you?
Ti kanis? - tee-KAH-nis

Well / good
Poli kala - po-LEE kah-LAH

Thank you

Efkharisto - eff-kah-rees-TOH

You’re welcome / please
Parakalo - pah-rah-kah-LOH

Signomi - seegh-NO-mee

Ne - neh

Ohi - OH-hee

Do you speak English?
Milas Anglika? - mee-LAHS Ang-lee-KAH?

I don’t understand
Den Katalaveno  - kah-tah-lag-VEH-no

Can you help me?
Borite na me? - boh-REE-teh nah

What time is it?
Ti ora ine? - tee OH-rah EE-neh

Where is…?
Pou ine? - POO EE-neh

I want
Thelo - THEH-loh

How much is it?
Poso kani - poh-soh KAH-nee

Aniktos - ah-neek-TOHS

Klistos - klees-TOHS

What’s your name?
Pos se lene? - POHS seh LEH-neh

My name is -
Me lene - meh LEH-neh…


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